A world built by imagination, real vision and a strong passion. A passion driven by a purpose. A greater sense of purpose of reaching out to the every inner child in us – to send a deep positive moral message in a funny, smart and cute way. It’s about wishes and dreams. It’s an invitation for everyone to smile, to hope, to be humble, to be self-less, and to look at life with the open heart of a child.

Welcome to ‘Qesigh’ [ ‘qih-zaHy’ ]. Qesigh is a fun fantasy world inhabited for the most part by happy creatures – ‘The Wibblets’ — each possess a unique characteristic and serves a special purpose for every wish delivery. As a whole, they stand as ambassadors. They are a new breed of ambassadors of basic human values, friendships and of dreams. Infused with tiny sprinkles of cuteness, sweet smiles and colorful humor, Bonwiwi and the rest of the Wibblets take us to this one of a kind thrill ride to the wonder of nature and let our imagination soar to the depth and height, it hasn’t yet conquered at all.



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